Rheumatic fever

What Is Our Experience?

     Dr. Franco has extensive experience in the treatment of rheumatic diseases in general and in particular with the rheumatologic disorders triggered/caused by infectious agents. Dr. Franco has treated several thousand patients with different rheumatic diseases over more than twenty years with good results. Approximately 80% of RA patients do respond with variable degrees of improvement. Dr. Franco estimates that up to 1/3 of patients with RA can go into remission within five years. For further information, see study conclusions.

Important message from Dr. Franco

**Important message from A. Robert Franco, MD**
      I often find that patients that come to see me for diagnosis and treatment for rheumatic diseases have already started on antibiotic treatment. Although this may be helpful to the patient, it would be best when applicable to have the appropriate work-up PRIOR to starting on antibiotic treatment. I am referring especially to the mycoplasma and chlamydia PCR test (genetic fingerprint).

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     *The information in this website is not intended to replace a rheumatology textbook nor be a complete update of the rheumatology scientific literature.  It should not be misconstrued as personal medical advice.  Rather, it portrays Dr. Al Robert Franco's interests in the field of rheumatology, namely, the interrelationship between infections and rheumatic diseases and how this applies to the treatment of arthritis.