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What Is The Treatment Duration?

     The antibiotic treatment lasts months or years. The nutraceuticals/medical foods suggested are tailored to each individual. The whole treatment is based on Dr. Franco's beliefs and research findings that microorganisms including mycoplasmas trigger/ cause inflammatory forms of arthritis.

Where Are The Laboratory Tests Performed?

     Most of the test are done at the Arthritis Center of Riverside (ACR). The ACR has a state of the art Physician Office Laboratory (POL) where the tests are performed under Dr. Franco's supervision. Some tests may be referred to the best  outside reference laboratories.

Dr. Franco Profile Text

Dr. Franco is a Fellow of The American College of Rheumatology.

His innovative treatment of Arthritis, using Antibiotic Therapy, has made him one of the leaders in this aspect of the field of Rheumatology today.

To learn more about the origin of Dr. Franco's insight, click here.

The principal aim of his practice is to bring the most comprehensive, caring and up-to-date medical services available to his patients.

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     *The information in this website is not intended to replace a rheumatology textbook nor be a complete update of the rheumatology scientific literature.  It should not be misconstrued as personal medical advice.  Rather, it portrays Dr. Al Robert Franco's interests in the field of rheumatology, namely, the interrelationship between infections and rheumatic diseases and how this applies to the treatment of arthritis.