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Beta Glucan (30 Capsules)


Beta Glucan

  • Supports Healthy Immune Function
  • Supports the Body’s Defenses Against Seasonal Immune Challenges
  • Enhances Hematopoiesis Following Radiation and Other Bone
  • Marrow Insults

Testosterone Support (120 Capsules)


Testosterone Support

  • Support Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Support Healthy Libido and Performance
  • Support Overall Vitality
  • Optimize Physical Strength and Endurance
  • Support Sense of Healthy Mental and Physical Well-Being

Lipid & Circulatory Support (120 Tablets)


Lipid & Circulatory Support

  • Support Healthy Serum Lipid Levels (including HDL, LDL, Lipo(a), and Triglycerides)
  • Support Regression of Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (CIMT)

Inflama Block (14 servings)


Inflama Block

  • Supports Natural Detoxification Mechanisms* 
  • Supports Gastrointestinal Health*
  • Supports a Balanced Cytokine Profile*
  • Lactose-Free Vegan Protein*

Hair, Nail, Skin and Joint Support (60 Capsules)


Support Growth, Development & Regeneration of Connective Tissue (skin, bones, cartilage, etc), Hair, Nails and Certain Membranes, such as Mucosal Membranes

Hair, Nail, Skin and Joint Support™ is a safe, bioavailable, patented cholinestabilized formulation of ortho-silicic acid (ch-OSA). Only the stabilized form of OSA activates the human body's production of collagen, elastin and keratin. Hair, Nail, Skin and Joint Support is delivered in proprietary microsphere capsules.

Mitochondrial Rejuvenate (60 Packets)


Mitochondrial Rejuvenate

  • Promotes Efficient Use of Insulin and Glucose in the Body
  • Enhances Conversion of Glucose into Usable Energy
  • Promotes Healthy Aging
  • Increases Exercise Performance
  • Promotes Nitric Oxide (NO) Production
  • Supports Cardiovascular and Endothelial Function
  • Improves Antioxidant Status and Resistance to Oxidative Stress

Eye Support (60 Capsules)

  • Help Protect Macula, Retina & Lens from Oxidative Damage
  • Support Healthy Eye Structure and Function

Eye Support™ is a groundbreaking formula combining potent antioxidants with botanicals designed to help vision by supporting the health of the retina, the macula and the lens. In the entire body, the eye is probably the organ most susceptible to oxidative damage. Light, atmospheric oxygen, air pollutants (e.g. smoke) and abrasion are all capable of causing eye damage.

Travel Assistance Text 1

     The Arthritis Center of Riverside has an exclusive arrangement with Hampton Inn & Suites, Riverside and with the Ayres Inn, Corona to provide discounted rates for our patients. This exclusive discount gives you significant savings on your accommodations.

     For ACR patients room rates are $79.00 + tax, single or double occupancy per night and includes a free breakfast. You must mention the Arthritis Center of Riverside when making the reservation for these special rates and free services.

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